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Quantum Logistics:

Protecting More with Less

How does security become a liability?

In a global environment increasingly jeopardized by violent extremist organizations, asymmetric warfare, and international criminal organizations, the need for effective protection and intelligence solutions is greater than ever.  Threats continue to improve their camouflage: improvised explosive devices are fashioned out of ordinary household goods. Women and children are deployed as suicide attackers against civilian targets. Disenfranchised citizens are turned into lone wolf attackers through social media. The enemy has evolved; how have we?

For decades, operational teams and protective details have assumed the same general template, instantly recognizable to both indigenous populations and potential opponents.  An influx of paramilitary-looking American males arrives on the scene with their conspicuously concealed weapons and large sport utility vehicles and pick ups, imposing stand-off distances, altering the terrain, and displacing locals in order to mitigate the effect of a violent attack.  Despite all of these force protection measures, the greatest asset of such a security detail is deterrence; however, this approach is ineffective against an adversary that does not intend to survive an attack.

The tables must be turned.  Instead of presenting our foes with an obvious, cumbersome target, we need to wield the same element of surprise against them.  We must evolve our concept of defense from a shield to a vaccine: assimilate small, highly trained teams into the operational environment, able to blend in physically and behaviorally, to detect and decisively engage our opponents.

Capitalizing on austerity

Quantum Logistics uses its trademark non-intrusive, low-impact approach to surveillance, counter surveillance, close protection, and intelligence operations.  By deploying operators that blend into the target location, using vehicles and technologies native to the area, and following normal patterns of life, the factors that typically hinder successful missions allow us to hide in plain sight.

More effect, fewer resources

Quantum Logistics employs tactics, techniques and procedures that, by virtue of their small footprint, provide more effective services with fewer resources.  Converting large advance parties and protective details into agile one or two-person elements drastically reduces operating costs, and using locally-available provisions diminishes logistic expenses.  With Quantum Logistics, a smaller budget supports a smaller risk.

Versatile and capable

Coupled with international and private aviation services and airstrips, Quantum Logistics has developed a concept to match collection abilities with operational capacity, allowing immediate action upon gathered information.  These hybrid collector-operator teams are as self-sustaining and autonomous as required, allowing persistent, real-time human intelligence acquisition and dissemination from harsh environments.

Fostering sustainable skills and development

Quantum Logistics is dedicated to the improvement of our customers’ situational awareness, survival skills, and tradecraft.  Education is at the foundation of our culture: whether our clients intend on using their skills independently or in conjunction with Quantum Logistics operators, our instructors prepare students to triumph in adverse conditions and circumstances.  Training is available across a broad spectrum of disciplines, from marksmanship, to counter-surveillance, to urban survival techniques.

Defeating tomorrow’s threat and preparing for the future

After more than 15 years of frequently and broadly employed special operations applications, “nonconventional” forces have arguably become “conventional.”  Quantum Logistics envisions the next generation of operational, intelligence, and security platform as an imbedded, self-sufficient cell able to operate autonomously in support of national interests.  Our battle-tested experts stand ready to build, deploy, and sustain this geographically and culturally oriented capability.

Quantum Logistics

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Cage Code:72LW7
DUNNS: 068175878
SAM Expiration Date: 03/08/2018
Texas Private Security License: B20001

Quantum Logistics is a Veteran Owned Small Business located in a Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Zone. HUB Zone certification pending.