High Threat Tactics, Communications, and Safety Development

Driving an agency’s return on investment through new innovative tactical training, high threat rescue operations, and a seamless flow of communications, intelligence, and safety.

Operational Experience Meeting Innovative Skills

Quantum Logistics LLC’s unique business model enables employers and agencies to secure and provide to its assets the operational training and services needed to protect human life, ensure mission success, and provide a return on investment through an array of force multiplying programs, never before seen tactics, and techniques which address an ever changing and dynamic enemy.

Quantum Logistics will afford its client an unprecedented level of security, discretion, and renewable energy to compliment the innovative hard skills and intelligence techniques employed and taught at the facility

With extensive knowledge and operational experience in High Threat Protective operations, Counter Terrorism and Special Operations, in areas ranging from the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Latin America, Quantum Logistics and its instructor-operators can meet your agency’s need for more innovative and cutting edge training and operations than, what is offered in today’s market place.

With resources and operational experience in electronic intercepts and UHF communications, Quantum Logistics will enable an agency’s assets to facilitate a seamless flow of intelligence and information gathering techniques.

Certified through The Texas A&M OSHA Training institute, Quantum Logistics provides agencies and companies with worker and workplace safety solutions, training, and certifications.


  • Effective and modular, private 600 acre, secure and discreet off grid facility with the ability to replicate multiple operational environments and house up to 70 personnel
  • New Innovative Special Operations Training Iterations and Tactics
  • Tested in Counter Terrorism Special Operations throughout the world
  • High threat protective operations
  • Industrial Hygiene and Safety Solutions
  • Innovative Solutions for intelligence gathering and communications flow
  • Secret and Top Secret/SCI cleared instructors