Electronic Surveillance/Counter Surveillance and Forensics

Electronic Surveillance/Counter Surveillance and Forensics

A trained enemy can easily detect electronic surveillance techniques and employ multiple methods of countermeasures that render surveillance methods ineffective, compromising intelligence gathering tradecraft and data. Quantum Logistics offers innovative, unique, and clandestine methods of electronic surveillance and covert communications that will maintain an advantage over enemies’ countermeasures. Quantum Logistics intrusion methods, covert communications, and clandestine technologies will provide our customers with effective and secure surveillance and intelligence collection that will overcome the counter measures of highly trained enemies.

This is a new cutting edge security profile, which, is Special Operations capable and designed specifically for facilitating the collection of real time raw intelligence while minimizing the degradation of that intelligence from questionable sources.
Quantum Logistics provides a number of discreet and cutting edge electronic surveillance and covert communications solutions.

With its goal in customer satisfaction and meeting the needs of its client amidst a very dynamic and ever changing threat environment Quantum Logistics’ solutions offers small clandestine systems which track and protect the client who is wearing them.

Surveillance solutions provided range from covert, overt, and rapid deployment for special operations teams and emergencies. From body and equipment mounted surveillance cameras, vehicle mounted surveillance cameras, mounted CCTV, IP CCTV, and other like applications, Quantum Logistics’ clients can track and monitor any activity in real time, via internet protocol, and can do so as clandestinely or overt as they wish. With this capability comes the ability to remote monitor threats, assets, and personnel.

Regarding our safety and protection applications of the above equipment, Quantum Logistics provides electronic countermeasures and intruder detection systems protecting its client from a now more technically advanced enemy who may have the technical ability to conduct electronic intrusion operations.

All of the above systems can be implemented into current operations and structures or can be used as stand alone applications for special projects. Additionally, all above systems are compatible for business operations, special operations, military and law enforcement applications.

Though the applications listed above are cutting edge and unlike any other in the world, should the client already be utilizing like services, Quantum Logistics offers technical consultation, risk management, technical support and supply of the above services and equipment.

Current deficiencies include the lack of trained personnel who can fully implement and utilize all the capabilities our surveillance and counter surveillance technology has potential for. Current government agencies, while having trained personnel who can implement these electronic assets, do lack the technical and operational expertise and experience to fully utilize and operate the technology to its full potential. Quantum Logistics offers the technology, expertise, and personnel to fully implement the technology to its maximum potential while staying ahead and above current threats the technology is designed to protect against.

Due to underestimating the ability of newly evolved militias and enemy technologies and lack of ability to fully utilize current technologies that we (Quantum Logistics) posses often result in the compromise of information of top-secret intelligence.  As applied to private corporate entities, competing businesses will exploit data such as trade secrets, locations of executives, and other vital business intelligence. Utilizing Quantum Logistics technologies, electronic assets, and personnel safeguards against such compromises.