Tactical Firearms Training

Tactical Firearms

To create a smaller more efficient operator-team whose employment of firearms is as effective as a larger more conventional teams special emphasis will be placed on the ‘physiology of focus and process’, precision timed pistol and rifle, fire and maneuver, prioritization of targets and target selection, and engaging multiple targets while under stress.

Dynamic pistol will include time firing from a concealed holster both static, while moving, prioritizing threats, and while addressing non-threats or hostages.

As with the pistol, the precision rifle will consist of timed shots from various body positions while on the move from both elevated and subterranean positions while, under stress.

The ability to address a threat and return fire while maneuvering with, or to the principle is vital, and students will be safely trained in fire and maneuver techniques through austere terrain.

With regards to safety there are numerous fire and maneuver ranges at the Quantum Logistics facility which all have 360 degree, 40 – 100 foot berms that can accommodate 1-20 shooters to allow safe fire and maneuver training eliminating the chance of a bullet leaving the facility.